Anti-Crypto Agenda Suspected in Signature Bank Collapse: Burry, Kiyosaki Warn of Fake Money

• Michael Burry compared current banking turmoil to Panic of 1907
• Robert Kiyosaki warned of more ‚fake money‘ being injected into US economy
• Credit Suisse received 50 billion Swiss franc bailout from Swiss National Bank

Burry on Banking Crisis

Hedge fund manager Michael Burry — known for predicting 2008’s economic crisis — is drawing comparisons to the Panic of 1907. He noted that three weeks after J.P. Morgan made a stand, the panic was resolved and the markets bottomed. „A stand was made this past weekend,“ he said.

Kiyosaki Warns of ‚Fake Money‘ Injections

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki warned this week of more ‚fake money‘ being injected into the U.S. economy following government bailouts, suggesting people buy bitcoin, gold, and silver as a form of protection. He warned that the Federal Reserve will inject even more „fake money“ into a „sick economy“.

Talk of ‚Anti-Crypto‘ Agenda Behind Signature Bank Collapse

Former member of the U.S House of Representatives and Signature Bank board member Barney Frank suggested regulators meant to send an „anti-crypto message“ in regards to the bank’s recent failure.

Credit Suisse Receives Bailout From Swiss National Bank

Credit Suisse has experienced a loss of confidence in its health following a significant drop in its shares‘ value this week and announced it was strengthening its liquidity by borrowing 50 billion Swiss francs ($54 billion) from Swiss National Bank (SNB). As concerns spread about global banking system, bailout measures are starting to emerge in the U.S and abroad.


The current banking dilemma has been compared to Panic of 1907 by Michael Burry while Rich Dad Poor Dad’s author Robert Kiyosaki warns more ‘fake money’ injections into US economy and advises buying bitcoin, gold & silver as protective measure against inflationary economic times ahead . Additionally, Barney Frank suspected anti-crypto agenda behind Signature Banks collapse while Credit Suisse received 50bn Switzerland Franc Bailout from same national bank amidst global financial concerns .