Hackers ask 50 Bitcoins for ransom in Rieti

We are in the presence of a ransomware that asks for a bitcoin ransom in order to decrypt all the files that have been blocked and made inaccessible to the operators of the municipality.

Bitcoin ransomware, so Bitcoin Revolution hackers attacked the municipality of Rieti
Regarding the story, which happened last weekend, it would seem that the hacker entered a video conference, which was made through Zoom.

Among the guests there was a suspicious account, a certain „lq“ that then promptly made his tracks disappear.

From that moment on the misadventure began for the municipality of Rieti whose computer system went haywire and made the data inaccessible.

A positive note of this story is that the municipality has a backup and a cloud system and in this way they are trying to restore the whole network.

In fact, in these cases it is difficult, if not impossible, to recover data, but if you have a backup then you clean the system and load old data.

Obviously the police have already been alerted and the postal police have started to analyze the case from the video conference episode, in case you can identify the criminal.

The Deputy Mayor, Daniele Sinibaldi, explained:

„The postal police are working and investigating but at the moment there is no great news“.

Other information has not been leaked for the moment, even if we know that the ransom will be half a million euros, about 50 BTC, which obviously the municipality will not pay and will opt for the backup solution.

Hacker and security

The issue of security, in this case of public infrastructure, is a very important issue because if prevention measures are not taken, such as a backup system and antivirus programs, then the risk is very high.

A short time ago Tesla managed to avoid a ransomware attack that could have put off the entire facility and electric cars with a damage of millions of dollars.