Interpol Gets Ready to Police the Metaverse: What You Need to Know

• Interpol is working to figure out how to police the metaverse, a digital world projected as an alternative to the real world.
• The organization is preparing to bring its action to metaverse platforms, which are being used by some groups to commit crimes such as verbal harassment, assaults, and more.
• Interpol’s executive director of technology and innovation believes there is difficulty in determining whether an action constitutes a crime or not in the metaverse.

Interpol Preparing for Policing the Metaverse

The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) is actively working on how it will police the metaverse, a digital world projected as an alternative to the real world. Jurgen Stock, Interpol’s secretary general, believes that in order not be left behind by this new technology, they must be ready with policies that can enforce laws in the metaverse.

What Kind of Crimes Are Happening in the Metaverse?

Crimes being committed in this virtual realm include verbal harassment, assaults, ransomware attacks, counterfeiting money laundering and financial fraud. However many of these actions still lie within legal gray areas leading Dr Madan Oberoi (Executive Director of Technology and Innovation for Interpol) stating “If you look at definitions of these crimes in physical space and you try apply it in the metaverse there is a difficulty…We don’t know whether we can call them crime or not but those threats are definitely there so those issues are yet to be resolved”.

Interpol’s Presence In The Metaverse

In order for Interpol to fully police this platform they need direct contact with it and have already created their own presence on it during their 90th General Assembly meeting held last October in New Delhi. This also serves another purpose: allowing them to offer courses online around the world while keeping members updated with news from other countries related to law enforcement activities.

Challenges Faced By Law Enforcement Agencies In Regards To The Metaverses

Police organizations are facing difficulties when adapting certain policies into enforcing laws within this virtual space due its difficultly determining what constitutes as a crime or not.. Additionally lack of understanding on how different technologies work adds another layer onto policing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies even if they understand what is considered illegal behavior when using these technologies .


In conclusion , although challenges exist when policing this digital space , with organizations like Interpol taking steps towards combatting criminal activities within it , hopefully soon enough we will see just laws enforced within this virtual realm that will protect people who use it .